Nike Golf STR8-FIT Shaft Adapter Questions and Answers

Over the past year we’ve received several questions about the Nike Golf STR8-FIT shaft adapters, primarily regarding two specific issues:

1. Where can the adapters be bought for installation in third-party shafts?

2. What adapters are compatible with which club heads?

I’ve been able to obtain answers to the above two questions:


1. Where can the adapters be bought for installation in third-party shafts?

Nike does not sell the STR8-FIT adapters separately, but loyal NG Nation reader Joe Cline helped me out by finding a solution to this need. Here is what Joe found out when he contacted Nike:

“I was able to send in my shafts to Nike and they are going to put the new VR Pro shaft adapters on them for a charge of $75 (price at time of this writing), this is for my driver and three wood. Nike clarified that anyone can send in shafts, whether they are new or pulls, and they will put the adapters on. Customers will be charged for the adapter and installation. They can also purchase shafts with the adapter on them through Nike. Of course, all orders must go through an authorized Nike dealer.”

Thanks Joe for finding the answer to this issue!


2. What adapters are compatible with which club heads?

I received this answer directly from Nike Golf:

“ The (2011) VR Pro STR8-FIT adapter is compatible with the (2010) VR STR8-FIT. The (2011) SQ Machspeed Black is compatible with the (2010) SQ Machspeed. None of them (2011 or 2010 VR or SQ STR8-FIT adapters and heads) are compatible with the (2009) SQ Dymo STR8-FIT (shaft or head).”

And to clarify, the 2011 or 2010 VR STR8-FIT adapters or heads are not compatible with the 2011 or 2010 SQ STR8-FIT adapters or heads.


I hope this helps those of you who have been looking for answers to these two questions.



  1. Stephen Vang says

    Great information, now we know where we can get them replaced, have you guys heard of them “snapping” off? I’ve heard stories from golf wrx members where the shaft on top of the STR8fit adapter snapping off. It could be the quality of the shaft? Or the kick point is too soft overtime? Any information would be helpful!

  2. Stephen Vang says

    Also, can they convert the Nike VR PRO 2011 driver hear into a “tour” no STR8-fit club? That would be phenomenal.

  3. John Heffron says

    Yes, I am one of those that own a 2011 vr pro drive that the shaft has broken inside the st8 fit adaptor I will have made a video and will be putting it on you tube to view. I have only had the driver lessthan 4 months. not pleased at all. maybe its the quality of the shaft. if it is then I don’t like the fact that you have to buy a shaft from them to get another adaptor.

  4. Brian Willson says

    I own a 2010 VR STR8-fit and it too broke inside the adapter. I took it to Golfsmith to ask about replacing the shaft and they simply sent it back to Nike for replacement. Only cost me shipping, which was about $10.

  5. says

    I own a 2011 VR Pro too and same thing happens to me today. My problem, I live in Switzerland and bought it one month ago on Vacation in the States…
    Hope Nike is customer friendly..

  6. Lee Siew Choy says

    I encountered the same problem for Nike VR Pro STR 8 driver,shaft broken inside the adaptor.
    It just new driver, purchased online from TGW. Went for driving range hitting less than 100 balls and found shaft broken inside adaptor. Hope Nike can address the issue.

  7. K jones says

    I too had the vr str8 fit snap on me, super annoying!

    So the machspeed black adapter doesn’t fit into the vr head?

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