Nike Golf TW 13 Shoe Available in June 2012

Many fans of Nike Golf footwear have been asking when the Nike TW Nike Free-Inspired prototype shoe that Tiger Woods has been wearing in competition for the last 6 months will be available at retail. Yesterday we got our answer when Nike Golf President Cindy Davis announced on The Golf Channel‘s Golf Central that the shoe will be available in June around the time of the U.S. Open. Confirmed in a tweet from Nike Golf today, the long-anticipated shoe will be called the TW 13, and rumor has it that the price point will be $179.00 with limited quantities available at first launch.

NG Nation Correspondent Jon Robbins got some pics of the shoe at the PGA Merchandise Indoor Show, you can see those in the gallery below (the last photo of the shoes on the green background is from Nike Golf). NGN Correspondent Michael Karamarkovich got pics of the TW13 brochure. those are in the gallery below also. We hope to get an advance preview of the shoe and to bring you an early look at the TW 13 right here on NGN, stay tuned.




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