Anthony Kim – PGA Tour Article

I just read an article named “Lost swing: Kim feeling the pressure of retaining card” on

While this article touches on an earlier NGNation post for AK’s injury timeline, this article goes much further with quotes from Kim on his physical and psychological state.

Here are some interesting quotes from the article;

“At the same time, I’ve learned from those situations. I’m not the perfect kid; I never claimed to be that. What I do in my personal life is my personal life. But because golf is a gentlemen’s game or whatever you want to call it — people forget I’m 26 years old and I’m trying my best.”

“A lot of guys out here without great swings, when they’re not playing well they can at least figure out how to put it in play,” Kim said. “I didn’t even have that ability. I had no idea what my body or what my club was doing. I couldn’t control my body and I couldn’t control my clubface.”

Check out the full article here >>


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