First Look – TW 13 Masters Edition

From our loyal reader, Stephen Vang, we have a picture of an alternative TW 13 colorway. This looks like it will be a Masters Edition of the shoe. Take a look;


TW 13 – Masters Edition?
photo credit :: Stephen Vang

Stephen saw this as the Haggin Oaks supershop in Sacramento. They had a Nike Golf Night featuring a preview of the Covert driver. However, they had the TW 13’s on display. These looks NICE.

Hopefully we see Tiger Woods and some other Team Nike members sporting these at Augusta in April.

What do you think?


  1. Stephen Vang says

    Hey there NGNATION,

    Yes, I attended an exclusive “Nike Night” to VIP members at the Haggin Oaks Supershop in Sacramento, CA last night, and all of their Nike Reps came out to display all the new 2013 apparel, shoes, golf equipment-The Covert lineup. I was able to take a snap shot of this Nike TW 13 with green on the bottom sole and under the shoe. I asked the Nike rep there, and he said that they’re proposing to have Tiger Woods wear the show during the Masters in April 2013.

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