Sneak Peek at My Favorite Nike Golf Bags for 2015

2015 seems like a long time away for some new golf gear, but it will be here sooner than you think. I’ve had a chance to check out some of the new Nike Golf bags for 2015, for release between now and March, and here are my favorites:

NGNation bag

Sport Lite Bag for NGN

Ok, so I doctored up this photo, but I thought a good start to 2015 would be a cool way to represent Nike Golf Nation on your golf bag. In reality, Nike does offer a very flexible and customizable way to produce the Sport Lite bag for corporate outings and the like. The Sport Lite bag has all the features needed for a light stand bag – putter well, weigh under 4 lbs, six pockets, and the EquaFlex strap system. This is the same bag carried by more than 80 Nike collegiate programs.


Nike Air Hybrid Vapor bag  Air Hybrid – LE Vapor

This limited edition bag supporting the Vapor line perfectly matches the new color scheme for the Vapor woods and irons. It also has a 14-way top with grab handle (a feature I love), a ventilated back pad, 12 pockets, and a cart friendly base among other features. I simply love the way this looks and it is a nice and practical bag that closely resembles the staff version.


range bag


RZN Range Bag

More novelty than anything, I love this bag for the office or a cool showpiece for the home. Originally designed for holding range balls, this mini version of the Vapor Staff bag holds up to 30 dozen golf balls and has zippered pockets for tees and other accessories.

Personally, I might use this bag for holding my dogs toys or maybe, with a baby on the way, I could find extra storage in the apartment to hold baby stuff (whatever that is)!


women's tote bagWomen’s Tote Bag

This is definitely a new bag for ’15 and its not only a functional bag, but it is also very stylish. Kudos to the designers for being in tune with the latest trends in women’s wear. This bag is lightweight and durable and it has multiple accessory pockets. The white version will be out in March but the black/gingham version will be out in November.


valuables pouch bagSport II Valuables Pouch

I’ve said it before numerous times but I am a big fan of the valuables pouch. I currently own one from my company but it is definitely not as stylish as these, so I may be looking to get the Silver/Volt/Black version this spring. The valuables pouch is a great bag for putting your watch, phone, wallet, etc in to keep them safe and organized during rounds. I also keep my ball marker and divot tool in here and a few commemorative items I’ve collected along the way.

Rory McIlroy Debuts New Nike Vapor Pro Driver


New Vapor Pro driver provides pure distance with a Tour launch

Nike athlete Rory McIlroy has added a flash of volt to his bag this week. The number one player in the world will debut Nike’s new driver, the Vapor Pro at the 2014 Ryder Cup in Scotland. The visually bold driver is black on the crown, volt in the cavity back and Compression Channel, and produces a penetrating, tour-launch with low spin and added speed across the face.

McIlroy was influential in the development of the Vapor Pro. Like his Nike Covert Tour 2.0 driver, McIlroy wanted a 460cc pear-shape profile — a shape that yielded awe-inspiring drives throughout his remarkable 2014 season. He also was looking for stability and speed through added flexibility across the face.

“The first thing I noticed when I hit this driver was how hot it was,” said McIlroy. “Then, I found that I could really control the flight and work it both ways on the golf course. I saw added ball speed on the monitor and am getting 10-15 yards more distance on the golf course this week.”

The Vapor Pro driver blends three key technologies: Nike’s new FlyBeam reinforced Covert Cavity Back design, a re-engineered Compression Channel and FlexLoft 2. All of these are vital to the golf athlete in achieving the ultimate in hitting their window of distance, speed and launch conditions.

To elevate performance, we added FlyBeam technology to the Covert Cavity Back to focus energy into the variable-profile Compression Channel and NexCOR face,” said Nate Radcliffe, Director of Engineering. “This is the first time we have created a driver where the face and channel are measurably more flexible than the body.”

The FlyBeam construction stiffens the Covert Cavity in the back of the club, while the Compression Channel, with variable compliance, accentuates the spring-like effect across the face. Cohesively, the two work together to focus, store, and return impact energy to the golf ball for shots struck at all points on the face.

“This is the first time we have measured higher modal frequencies in the rear portion of the club than the front. This means impact energy is concentrated in the channel and face which tunes acoustics and maximizes energy transfer. This effect drives the increases in ball speed we are seeing in athlete and robotic testing,” added Radcliffe.

FlexLoft 2 allows the golf athlete the functionality of five lofts and three face angles within 15 different settings. The new, improved system is five grams (30%) lighter without compromising function. The redistribution of mass creates more stability, better launch conditions and faster swing speeds. Another benefit of FlexLoft 2 is its forward and backward compatibility. Golfers with previous generations of Covert can use shafts with the original adaptor in the new head or vice versa.

The Vapor Pro driver will be available on January 30, 2015.

Nike Vapor Pro

Availability:  January 30, 2015

Specifications:  8.5° – 12.5° loft; Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 shaft; RH/LH: R, S, X flex

MSRP:  $479.99

Editor’s Note: The post above is from a press release from Nike Golf.

More on the New Nike Golf Vapor Pro Drivers

A few days ago I posted about a video which described the new Vapor Flex Driver, that video has now been taken off of YouTube. But was on the ball and did a nice piece on the new Vapor Flex driver, you can read that here.

Then on Monday, the Vapor Pro and Vapor Speed drivers appeared on the USGA Conforming Drivers list, did a post on that which you can read here.

Here are pics of the new Vapor Pro and Vapor Speed drivers:



VIDEO: Nike Golf Vapor Flex Driver

Editor’s Note 9.23.14: Looks like the video has been taken down, but sounds like the rumors of Rory gaming the Vapor Pro (not Vapor Flex) driver this week might be true per this article on

Here’s our first look at the new Nike Golf Vapor Flex driver — word has it that Rory McIlroy may be gaming it this weekend at the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles. For now, check out the video:

PRODUCT REVIEW: Nike Tech Flow Golf Glove

At the launch of the Vapor irons at Liberty National a few weeks ago, Nike set up a range session for media and guests to test out the clubs. Fortunately, the marketing team had everything covered as they offered the new Tech Flow golf glove for us to use.

Here’s a review of the glove, which comes in two colorways – one that perfectly matches the new Vapor iron set.

Nike Tech Flow Glove


The name behind “Tech Flow” refers to providing maximum airflow to your hands, whether that is to keep them cool or to keep the sweat down. In order to accomplish this, the glove has two halves. On the under side, where the club touches your palm, the glove is constructed from full leather for a soft, supple feel. In addition, the leather on the under side of the fingers is perforated for maximum ventilation. On the other side, however, the glove is primarily constructed from a mesh material, to allow for air to flow through the hand.

A few other nuances that I noticed in comparison to other golf gloves:

  • There is no added palm insert. Some gloves have an extra layer of leather at the base of the palm, where golfers tend to experience the most wear. If you golf a lot, you’ll notice that this area is the first to develop a hole. This glove however does not have that, and it is something that I prefer. To me, that added leather reduces feel and can feel bulky.
  • The mesh upper is UPF 15+ for sun protection.
  • The mesh upper is also held together with a thermal screen, so that it does not become baggy or loose. On both gloves this is grey.
  • On the black version, the piping is in Volt, for added flair.

My overall impression was that it was a very lightweight glove and great for summer, where my glove could get very sweaty, even saturated at times. Initially, the change was a little different because I was not accustomed to having such a light weight glove, but I am really liking the Tech Flow design. I recommend it for warm winter golfers, and for those that want to match their glove with the new Vapor irons.

MSRP: $19.00

More Pics

2  4


5 6

Nike Mens Tech Flow Golf Gloves feature:

  • Leather palm provides soft, supple feel on every shot
  • Lightweight mesh back-of-hand material maintains breathable comfort
  • Thermal screen across back-of-hand offers targeted lightweight support
  • Angled tab design provides superior ergonomic fit
  • Customized fitting system ensures great fit for all hand shapes and sizes

More Pics from the Nike Vapor Irons Launch Event

Here are some additional photos I took. Sorry for the quality of pics but I still haven’t learned the intricacies of my DSLR and it was really dark out with a lot of spotlights.

Nike Golf president Cindy Davis giving opening remarks



Tiger, Jimmy, and Rory talking about the irons




Rory sporting the new Vapor hat with a volt shirt


Tiger wore a Vapor hat as well


Jimmy needed a little help on his swing


Meanwhile Rory was simply destroying iron shots well into the night sky


The irons finally got unveiled: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Speed


Vapor Speed 6-iron


Vapor Pro Combo


Perhaps the First Hole in One with the MM Proto

Congratulations to Jeffrey Moon who tweeted this photo yesterday. According to Jeff (@theonemoon80), he earned his eighth hole in one using his newly acquired MM Proto irons. Jeff bought set 38 of 40 and proudly displayed the hole in one flag after his round. Congrats Jeff!

hole in 1

A Look Back at Nike Golf Vapor Items and Logos

Early this week, Nike Golf unveiled its newest line of irons called Vapor. But this isn’t the first time that Nike Golf used the term in its product line. Here we take a look at some of the Vapor items and logos from the past.

Current Logo:


Vapor Irons:

Zoom Vapor Shoes

First up, we have the Nike Zoom Vapor golf shoes. If I recall correctly, these came out around 2010, and were the first Nike golf shoe that was focused on being lightweight. At 13.8 oz., and with an incredibly thin outer, the Nike Zoom Vapor was meant to be modern, sporty, and super streamlined. At the time, it was reportedly the lightest shoe on Tour.

Logo: zoom vapor shoes logo

Product: Zoom Vapor

Zoom Vapor II$_35.JPG

Vapor Golf Balls

Nike first incorporated the Vapor name into its golf ball line with the Nike One – Vapor Speed balls, then broke them out to a separate ball called Vapor. There was Vapor Black and Vapor Black 2.0 – the ball line was short-lived, making way for the RZN line.

Logo: vapor black logo



Product: Vapor Black, One Vapor Speed, Vapor

One Vapor Speed

Vapor Black

Vapor Black 2.0

Nike Vapor X Golf Bag

The Vapor X bag is actually pretty recent. I got this bag about a year and a half ago. There was no distinct logo made for the Vapor X bag but it is written on the side of the bag. The Vapor X is the currently the top of the line stand bag.


My Favorite Vapor Items from Nike

With the rebranding of its newest iron line to “Vapor”, Nike Golf follows in the tradition of other sports like Football, Lacrosse, Soccer and Tennis that use the term to represent their flagship lines.

With that said, here are my favorite “Vapor” items from Nike’s extensive catalog that I would proudly support in a synergistic move to golf.


Gotta Be the Vapors Graphic Tee (Football)

I absolutely love this shirt because of how much it could be used to represent the new Vapor irons. I would wear this shirt to the gym, to the range, or just lounging around.

gotta be the vapors$_35.JPG

Air Max Vapor Duffel Bag (Training)

When I play golf at private clubs I use a duffel bag to carry my shoes, an extra set of clothes, some balls, tees, and other items like my Covert wrench. Here’s a sweet Vapor bag that matches nicely with the irons.

vapor duffel

Zoom Vapor 9 Tour iD (Tennis)

I would wear these as a golf shoe if they had spikes, as they have a similar look to the TW14. Love the fade accents like they had on the old Agassi’s. I Nike iD’d these in Vapor colors.

vapor tennis

Vapor Fly Gloves (Football)

I really like the simple and sleek look of these gloves. It would be great to see these made for golf.

vapor glove

Max Air Large Vapor Superfly Backpack (Training)

And when you just need to lug things in a backpack, here’s a great bag for the airport or for carrying your stuff to the golf course.

vapor backpack

POLL: Which Nike Golf Vapor Iron Will You Buy?


On August 18th Nike Golf announced their new Vapor iron franchise at a special event at Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey. NGN’s Alan Numsuwan was there live tweeting the event, and he was one of the first to announce on Twitter that the franchise will include three models: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo and Vapor Speed.

So NGN wants to know — which of the three models will you be buying? Let us know by voting in the poll below or in the right sidebar (you can see photos of all three models in this post):

Which Vapor Iron Will You Buy?

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