PRODUCT REVIEW: Nike Tech Flow Golf Glove

At the launch of the Vapor irons at Liberty National a few weeks ago, Nike set up a range session for media and guests to test out the clubs. Fortunately, the marketing team had everything covered as they offered the new Tech Flow golf glove for us to use.

Here’s a review of the glove, which comes in two colorways – one that perfectly matches the new Vapor iron set.

Nike Tech Flow Glove


The name behind “Tech Flow” refers to providing maximum airflow to your hands, whether that is to keep them cool or to keep the sweat down. In order to accomplish this, the glove has two halves. On the under side, where the club touches your palm, the glove is constructed from full leather for a soft, supple feel. In addition, the leather on the under side of the fingers is perforated for maximum ventilation. On the other side, however, the glove is primarily constructed from a mesh material, to allow for air to flow through the hand.

A few other nuances that I noticed in comparison to other golf gloves:

  • There is no added palm insert. Some gloves have an extra layer of leather at the base of the palm, where golfers tend to experience the most wear. If you golf a lot, you’ll notice that this area is the first to develop a hole. This glove however does not have that, and it is something that I prefer. To me, that added leather reduces feel and can feel bulky.
  • The mesh upper is UPF 15+ for sun protection.
  • The mesh upper is also held together with a thermal screen, so that it does not become baggy or loose. On both gloves this is grey.
  • On the black version, the piping is in Volt, for added flair.

My overall impression was that it was a very lightweight glove and great for summer, where my glove could get very sweaty, even saturated at times. Initially, the change was a little different because I was not accustomed to having such a light weight glove, but I am really liking the Tech Flow design. I recommend it for warm winter golfers, and for those that want to match their glove with the new Vapor irons.

MSRP: $19.00

More Pics

2  4


5 6

Nike Mens Tech Flow Golf Gloves feature:

  • Leather palm provides soft, supple feel on every shot
  • Lightweight mesh back-of-hand material maintains breathable comfort
  • Thermal screen across back-of-hand offers targeted lightweight support
  • Angled tab design provides superior ergonomic fit
  • Customized fitting system ensures great fit for all hand shapes and sizes

More Pics from the Nike Vapor Irons Launch Event

Here are some additional photos I took. Sorry for the quality of pics but I still haven’t learned the intricacies of my DSLR and it was really dark out with a lot of spotlights.

Nike Golf president Cindy Davis giving opening remarks



Tiger, Jimmy, and Rory talking about the irons




Rory sporting the new Vapor hat with a volt shirt


Tiger wore a Vapor hat as well


Jimmy needed a little help on his swing


Meanwhile Rory was simply destroying iron shots well into the night sky


The irons finally got unveiled: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Speed


Vapor Speed 6-iron


Vapor Pro Combo


A Look Back at Nike Golf Vapor Items and Logos

Early this week, Nike Golf unveiled its newest line of irons called Vapor. But this isn’t the first time that Nike Golf used the term in its product line. Here we take a look at some of the Vapor items and logos from the past.

Current Logo:


Vapor Irons:

Zoom Vapor Shoes

First up, we have the Nike Zoom Vapor golf shoes. If I recall correctly, these came out around 2010, and were the first Nike golf shoe that was focused on being lightweight. At 13.8 oz., and with an incredibly thin outer, the Nike Zoom Vapor was meant to be modern, sporty, and super streamlined. At the time, it was reportedly the lightest shoe on Tour.

Logo: zoom vapor shoes logo

Product: Zoom Vapor

Zoom Vapor II$_35.JPG

Vapor Golf Balls

Nike first incorporated the Vapor name into its golf ball line with the Nike One – Vapor Speed balls, then broke them out to a separate ball called Vapor. There was Vapor Black and Vapor Black 2.0 – the ball line was short-lived, making way for the RZN line.

Logo: vapor black logo



Product: Vapor Black, One Vapor Speed, Vapor

One Vapor Speed

Vapor Black

Vapor Black 2.0

Nike Vapor X Golf Bag

The Vapor X bag is actually pretty recent. I got this bag about a year and a half ago. There was no distinct logo made for the Vapor X bag but it is written on the side of the bag. The Vapor X is the currently the top of the line stand bag.


My Favorite Vapor Items from Nike

With the rebranding of its newest iron line to “Vapor”, Nike Golf follows in the tradition of other sports like Football, Lacrosse, Soccer and Tennis that use the term to represent their flagship lines.

With that said, here are my favorite “Vapor” items from Nike’s extensive catalog that I would proudly support in a synergistic move to golf.


Gotta Be the Vapors Graphic Tee (Football)

I absolutely love this shirt because of how much it could be used to represent the new Vapor irons. I would wear this shirt to the gym, to the range, or just lounging around.

gotta be the vapors$_35.JPG

Air Max Vapor Duffel Bag (Training)

When I play golf at private clubs I use a duffel bag to carry my shoes, an extra set of clothes, some balls, tees, and other items like my Covert wrench. Here’s a sweet Vapor bag that matches nicely with the irons.

vapor duffel

Zoom Vapor 9 Tour iD (Tennis)

I would wear these as a golf shoe if they had spikes, as they have a similar look to the TW14. Love the fade accents like they had on the old Agassi’s. I Nike iD’d these in Vapor colors.

vapor tennis

Vapor Fly Gloves (Football)

I really like the simple and sleek look of these gloves. It would be great to see these made for golf.

vapor glove

Max Air Large Vapor Superfly Backpack (Training)

And when you just need to lug things in a backpack, here’s a great bag for the airport or for carrying your stuff to the golf course.

vapor backpack

POLL: Which Nike Golf Vapor Iron Will You Buy?


On August 18th Nike Golf announced their new Vapor iron franchise at a special event at Liberty National Golf Club in New Jersey. NGN’s Alan Numsuwan was there live tweeting the event, and he was one of the first to announce on Twitter that the franchise will include three models: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo and Vapor Speed.

So NGN wants to know — which of the three models will you be buying? Let us know by voting in the poll below or in the right sidebar (you can see photos of all three models in this post):

Which Vapor Iron Will You Buy?

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Nike Golf Vapor Launch Event Recap

Hey all, NGN Alan here, just wanted to put together a few notes for our readers as there has been a tremendous buzz around the launch of the Vapor irons last night. I know that Golfwrx’s forum had over 1100 people on the Nike Golf Event post at one point last night, and our Twitter feed was blowing up, so there is definitely a lot of interest from the true golf heads out there. This recap is an accumulation of my experience as a whole and not meant to be focused on the technical aspects of the clubs, which are being discussed at today’s event (which I was not able to attend). There will be much more information released on that for the gearheads so stay tuned.

Please keep the questions coming and tweet me at @AN_Golf or @NGNation.

Arrival and Cocktail Hour

Before we get to golf, I must say that Nike put on a tremendous launch event at Liberty National Golf Club. This was my first time driving up to the clubhouse and it was a cool site. You take this long bridge up to the clubhouse circle where Nike had valet staff in black and, you guessed it, volt sneakers, taking your car. And as this was only the beginning, I knew that the marketing folks at Nike would have considered every aspect of tonight’s event from a branding perspective.

Since I only live a few minutes away from LNGC, I got there a little early and was maybe one of the first 5 people to arrive. Fortunately they had a well stocked top shelf bar and delectable raw bar with giant shrimp cocktail and fresh oysters. Big thanks to Nike for that!

Ferrys and Helicopters

As I waited for media to arrive from Manhattan via Ferry from Chelsea Piers, a helicopter soared above landing in the distance by the erected stage near the end of the driving range. I can only assume it was Tiger, Rory, Jimmy Fallon and Cindy Davis. Finally, a lot of people started to arrive, including media from Japan, UK, Korea and domestic outlets. I saw industry media folks like David Dusek from Golfweek, Jason Sobel and Darren Rovell from ESPN, Rachel Nichols from CNN, and a bunch of folks from golf blogs like I also got the chance to connect with Rob, Nik, and Greg from and tell them how much of a fan I was of their site. Greg even gave me a Golfwrx chip!

Onto the Stage!

After leaving the reception area, were were diverted to black vans and transported from the first tee to the end of the driving range where a large stage was erected. Photographers went first to set up and then the rest of the media shuttled over. I took a seat in the second row right behind AJ from Extra and Willie Geist from The Today Show – my wife was pretty impressed by that!

Cindy Davis came out and opened with some remarks about Nike’s commitment to the elite athlete through innovation and always striving for better. She truly feels that this is their best iron yet. With that, she introduced Tiger, Rory and Jimmy Fallon. TW and Rory had just come from taping a segment on Fallon’s Tonight show and Jimmy was acting as the event’s moderator.


The stage was set in front of the Jersey City and Manhattan skyline and it was truly a beautiful night. The trio had a bit of banter and TW and Rory were wearing a new Vapor mesh golf hat. Sort of in the spirit of a surfer’s cap, but I definitely dug it. Jimmy and Tiger were also in black Lunar Claytons while Rory choose the all black Lunar Waverly. TW wore all black and Rory had on grey Modern Tech Pants and a volt polo.

3 of them

The Announcement

Finally they announced the new lineup of irons, called Vapor, and there would be three models: Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Speed. Taking none of the technology into account, if you were to make comparisons to the existing lineup, the Vapor Pro would replace the VR Pro Blade, the Vapor Pro Combo would replace the VR Forged Pro Combo, and the Vapor Speed is all new but I suppose would replace the Covert 2.0 irons.

vapor lineup

All irons take the shape of the MM Proto to a degree, but they have black back with a volt swoosh. The Vapor Pros are true blades with a muscle cavity while the pro combos have a pocket cavity that has a “RZN” polymer fill in to mute the sound and generate a high launch. The 8-AW in the pro combos have a muscle cavity. The Speed irons have a hollow-cavity in 3-7-iron, so you can imagine it launches like a wood would do.

After the announcement, Rory and Jimmy took alternating shots hitting to a neon lit swoosh out in the distance. Jimmy, safe to say, needs a little work on his swing but managed to get a couple out there. Rory on the other hand hit 9-iron and just absolutely drilled it into the sky. He then took 5-iron and smashed a couple out around 220. Here’s a pic of Rory at impact.

rory hitting

Our Turn

As the interview and brief hitting expo concluded, Cindy Davis came out and mentioned that we could all take turns at hitting the new irons. Set up next to the stage was a grass range with pyramids of neon colored RZN Black balls (which I was told they are bringing to retail). And since they thought of everything, they had Nike Tech Flow gloves waiting for us to use in all sizes.

While it was difficult to hit in the dark, with loud music blaring and dozens of people watching you, it was great fun and once the nerves settled, I was able to really get a good feel for the clubs. I absolutely love the new Vapor Pro Combos. They launch higher and have a solid feel and are really forgiving.

The blades were a bit tough to hit for me in the 6-iron and 4-iron. The 9-iron and 7-iron were comfortable but it was just hard for me to get the ball up in the air with the longer irons because I dont have the swing speed that the pros do. Here you can see the muscle cavity in the blade:

vapor blade

Here is the Vapor Pro Combo, and its tough to see in the dark, but its an absolutely stunner.

vapor PC vapor pro combo


Nike’s Vapor Speed

vapor speed

Dinner and Wrap-up

What would my post be without the details. I was too busy hitting balls and fawning over the clubs to really take time for dinner, but the chefs at Liberty National had an amazing spread of root beer braised short rib, giant scallops, shrimp and fish, along with a blue potato mash. After hitting balls and really just relishing what kind of experience I just had, I was shuttled over back to the first tee, where I stood in the dark for a second and just admired this property and how fortunate I was to be there. Finally, after some pleasantries with some of the Nike staff, I headed home full of elation, excitement, and a phone full of messages.

Final Thoughts

I received a ton of questions over the course of the night, so I will try to answer some of the most frequently asked ones here – these answers are just my take based on what I asked the staff and what was learned from the presentation:

Q: Why didn’t they just stick with MM Proto, why choose “Vapor”?

A: Nike is about synergy and the Vapor has represented the top of the line gear in other sports. For example, they cited Vapor Lacrosse Gloves, and the Vapor Mercurial Soccer Cleat. Do a search for Nike Vapor and you’ll see all sorts of high-end products. Well that was the thinking behind Vapor and the golf division too. Nike Golf is getting bigger and more integrated with the firm as a whole. This rebranding falls in line with other core sport divisions.

Q: What did MM stand for anyway?

A: A ton of people asked me this – its for Modern Muscle.

Q: Will TW and Rory play these irons?

A: Based on what they said, yes. Tiger mentioned he won’t swing a club for another month, but I expect these to be in his bag when he returns. You can view the set that The Oven made for Tiger on Nike’s site

Q: Why the stronger lofts?

A: This was surprising to me as well. The Vapor Pro lofts are the same I believe, but the PCs are 1 degree stronger and the Speeds are I believe 3 degrees stronger. Vapor Speed PW was 44 degrees! For the PCs, they told me that while the loft is a degree stronger, the ball will actually fly higher due to the newer, face-centered center of gravity. In fact they said weighting gets the ball higher, not just loft. For the Speed irons, well, they’re a distance iron so they’re longer and stronger.

Q: Are all models forged?

A: No only the Vapor Pro and Vapor Pro Combo are forged.

Q: Can I remove the black and change the paintfill?

A: I got this question a lot and I really think everyone should check it out in person first. The irons are beautiful as they are and I can assure you that any coloring will not affect your game. That said, the Black part is not paint and I really dont think tampering it would do anything positive.

Q: What shafts come with it?

A: Last night, the irons were equipped with True Temper DG Pro S300 shafts and Golf Pride tour velvet grips. The Vapor Speed used a True Temper Dynalite 105 shaft with a Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip in black.

Q: Are those RZN Balls coming out in yellow?

A: From what I was told, they are.

Q: How is Jimmy Fallon’s swing?

A: I’m not one to judge, but there was a big difference between him and Rory!

Q: What about Vapor woods?

A: The event was about irons only, but based on some conversations I had, we can expect a Vapor line of woods, plus TW already had Vapor head covers in his bag.

Q: What about Rory’s putter?

A: This seems to be a big want among a small constituency. There was no talk about putters but I’m sure anything is possible.


Nike Golf Unveils Vapor Iron Franchise: The Iron Reimagined


Insights from Nike Golf athletes inspire engineering and design for perfected precision and power.

Nike Golf has reimagined golf irons with the introduction of its new Vapor franchise –Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo, and Vapor Speed. The modern family of irons was unveiled to a global media audience today near New York City during an event featuring Nike athletes Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, and celebrity golf aficionado Jimmy Fallon.

The Vapor irons blend the detailed craftsmanship of Nike’s master club builder, Mike Taylor; the engineering expertise of The Oven; and the imagination of Nike designers. The result: a family of irons featuring a pinnacle Nike innovation called Modern Muscle.

Modern Muscle is a modification of a standard muscle-back design that moves the iron’s center of gravity to the center of the clubface, crafted to yield more efficient and pure strikes. The innovation has already contributed to a major championship victory when Rory McIlroy put a prototype Vapor Pro Combo 2-iron (MM Proto) in the bag and went on to win the 2014 Open Championship.

While Rory was the first to win with Modern Muscle in the bag, the innovation itself started with insights from Tiger Woods.

“Our engineers and designers at The Oven have been working with Tiger for quite some time to evolve this innovation and bring it to the golf athlete,” said Rob Arluna, Nike Golf’s Global Golf Club Business Director.

“We started with the traditional blade and asked what could be done to enhance its performance and modernize the design while maintaining a traditional, pure look at address. Thanks to Tiger’s inspiration, coupled with Rory’s added insights, we made the Vapor Pro blades feel and perform better with a technology advantage over the traditional blade. We then extended that innovation and design to Vapor Pro Combo and Vapor Speed.”

“Years back when we tested the parts with adjusted weighting, I immediately noticed a more balanced feel and more consistent performance,” said Woods. “Working with the club team to bring this concept to life was a great experience.”

“We were inspired by the fact that traditional blades all look the same and challenged ourselves to rally around a big idea taken from Tiger’s insights,” said Nike Golf Design Director, Andrew Oldknow. “Our goal was to create a visual look on the exterior of the club that defines what’s happening on the inside. Shifting weight away from the heel of the club for a more precise center of gravity is what defines Modern Muscle, and that is distinctly visible across the three iron designs.

With a modernized take on the classic blade profile, the Vapor Pro is Nike Golf’s most precise iron to date. The Vapor Pro Combo has the clean lines and workability of a blade with the power of a distance iron – resulting in the ultimate blend of precision and power. The Vapor Speed delivers pure power for the golf athlete who wants maximum distance and forgiveness through the set.

Within Nike, the name Nike Vapor is synonymous with the company’s most premium innovations that boldly elevate athlete performance. The Nike Vapor name is featured in other categories within Nike, including baseball and global football.

The Vapor irons will be available on and at select retailers Oct. 31.



Specifications: 3-PW, True Temper Dynamic Gold X/S/R (RH/LH);

MSRP: $1199.99 3-PW Steel



Specifications: 3-AW; True Temper DG Pro (RH/LH)

MSRP $1,319.99 4-AW Steel



Specifications: 3-SW; True Temper Dynalite 105 Steel S/R (RH/LH); MRC Fubuki Z graphite S/R/A/W

MSRP: $959.99 4-AW Steel; $1079.99 4-AW Graphite; $944.99 5-PW Women’s


Editor’s Note: The post above is from a press release from Nike Golf.