PRODUCT PICS: Nike Weekend Carry Golf Bag


I recently posted pics of a new bag I purchased, the Nike Sport Carry Lite. In addition to that bag, I also bought the Nike Weekend Carry bag — this bag is great for quick trips to the range where I can bring just a half-set to practice, and I plan on using it when I take my kids out on the course, and I only need to bring a few clubs.

This is a great, simple bag for this purpose — it has four pockets: a fleece-lined valuables pocket, an apparel pocket, a pocket for balls and tees and a water bottle sleeve. It also comes with a rain hood in case the weather turns bad. It has a single, padded carry strap with two adjustable buckles, and a nice, soft carry handle. The bottom and underside of the bag is made with a water-resistant nylon material to keep the bag dry if you set it down in wet grass. The bag is soft and unstructured, but has a rigid extension on top to give support for the carry strap, and still allow the bag to be folded in half for storage. Finally, a simple fleece-lined, two-section divider on top keeps clubs organized.

All in all, Nike has put a lot of thought into this simple golf bag, to make the Nike Weekend Carry a must-have for quick trips to the course. Check out pics of the bag in the gallery below.


New Nike Golf TV Spot Airs Today on Golf Channel

Nike Golf Tells Golfers to Embrace Change

Nike Golf takes a humorous look at the factors golfers of all skill levels face when deciding to change their driver. Centered on the new Nike Vapor drivers, the 30-second television spot highlights the resistance to change and the process of constant improvement. Five Nike athletes – Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, Charles Barkley and Bo Jackson – appear in the spot while comedian Keegan-Michael Key provides the voiceover. When each athlete is asked about changing their driver, Key reminds them there is reason to upgrade, even if they have already achieved major success.

“’There’s always better’ is a very true statement,” McIlroy says. “It isn’t just in golf or in sports, it’s in anything. You can always get better, you can always improve.”

Athletes across each of the professional tours are playing the Nike Vapor drivers. A blend of three key technologies help improve golfers’ games:

  • Nike’s new FlyBeam reinforced Covert Cavity Back design stiffens the back of the club
  • A re-engineered Compression Channel accentuates the spring-like effect across the face to return energy to the golf ball
  • FlexLoft 2 allows the athlete the functionality of five lofts and three face angles within 15 different settings

The clubs are currently available on and select retailers. The spot will air Feb. 26 on Golf Channel and Feb. 28 on ESPN.


Editor’s Note: The post above is from a press release from Nike Golf.

PRODUCT PICS: 2015 Nike Sport Carry Lite Golf Bag


New golf season, time for a new bag — I opted for the 2015 Sport Carry Lite, the next iteration of the Vapor X Carry bag, which has served me well for the last couple of golf seasons. I love how light the bag is, while still having room for all of the gear I need to take to the course.

The Sport Carry Lite has 5 pockets, including a felt-lined valuables pocket, main pocket for apparel with an interior mesh pocket where I put my glove and other small items, pocket for balls and tees, a smaller pocket above that where I keep my valuables pouch with divot tools and ball markers, a small storage pocket where I keep sunscreen, and an easy access water bottle sleeve. The 5-way divider at the top keeps my clubs in order, and the revolving double-strap makes carrying a breeze.

I bought mine from Discount Golf World, they carry a variety of colors (I chose Black/Silver/Anthracite), and I took advantage of their free shipping offer (free shipping for the entire month of February). As an aside, I’ve ordered several Nike Golf items from Discount Golf World over the last month, they have great pricing and I’ve received great service as well, so I’d recommend ordering from them (if you don’t order from

I’ve included pics in the gallery below, and if you’re considering a lightweight carry bag for 2015, I’d recommend giving the Sport Carry Lite a serious look.




PRODUCT REVIEW: Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons


Back in 2011 Nike Golf introduced the VR Pro Combo irons, as part of its line of VR Pro irons which included three different models for three levels of play — the VR Pro Blades for better players, the VR Pro Combo Irons for low- to mid-handicappers and the VR Pro Cavity Irons for mid- to high-handicappers. Last August Nike Golf announced its new 2015 equipment line with much fanfare at a special event at Liberty National Golf Club, attended by NGN Alan and featuring none other than Tiger Woods, Rory McIlRoy and Jimmy Fallon. You can read Alan’s Vapor launch event recap posts here and here.

The Vapor line of irons also features three different designs — the Vapor Pro irons for better players, the Vapor Pro Combo irons for low- to mid-handicappers and the Vapor Speed irons for mid- to high-handicappers. The Vapor line incorporates Nike’s Modern Muscle technology, which was revealed in its MMProto irons that were unveiled last summer (MMProto is short for Modern Muscle Prototype).

The Pro Combo has been one of Nike Golf’s more popular iron designs, beginning with the original Pro Combo irons introduced in 2002, followed by the Pro Combo OS and Tour versions in 2003, and the VR Pro Combos that were released in 2011. The Vapor Pro Combos look to carry on the tradition, and continue the interest in one of Nike Golf’s most successful equipment offerings.

Nike Golf sent me a set of the new 2015 Vapor Pro Combos to test and review — I’ve put the Vapor Pro Combos through their paces, and I share the results of my tests here.



Out of the box you immediately see the Modern Muscle shape from the MMProto irons. The Vapor Pro Combos have a clean, modern look, with a classic player’s profile at address. They have a minimal offset, a bit more than the Vapor Pros but not as much as the Vapor Speed. The stock set is made up of  4-AW, with the 4-7 irons featuring a cavity back filled with Nike’s lightweight RZN material, similar to that used in the core of Nike’s RZN golf balls. The 8-AW feature a shallow muscle cavity and a more blade-like appearance.

The back of the iron features the above-mentioned Modern Muscle design, which moves material to the heel and toe for increased perimeter weighting, stability and feel at impact. Nike says this also moves the CG from the heel side to the center of the face, which results in a higher launch angle — you can read more about that in their press release about the Vapor Pro Combo irons. The Vapor pattern on the back, along with the black muscle sections with Vapor logo, and debossed swoosh with Volt paint fill give the Pro Combos a distinct look. Custom tour stamping of initials is also available from Nike Golf via special order.

The machined forged steel faces feature Nike’s X3X groove technology, which has also been incorporated into several of Nike’s previous iron models. The stock shafts are True Temper DG Pro, and the stock grips are Nike Tour Velvet by Golf Pride.

All in all, the look of the Vapor Pro Combos is sleek and modern, while still retaining the appealing classic shape of a player’s iron.



From my first swings I immediately noticed the stability of the forged head through impact. But the real beauty of these irons is their incredible feel, truly solid and butter soft when you strike the ball. The RZN insert in the rear cavity absorbs and dampens vibration, giving these irons a beautiful feel at impact.

The increased perimeter weighting make these irons very stable and forgiving, while still giving good feedback when you strike the ball. I was really impressed by the quality of my mis-hit shots with these irons. Low handicappers will love the feel and control the Pro Combos provide, while mid-handicappers will appreciate their increased forgiveness.

The Vapor Pro Combos promote a high ball flight that’s consistent from the long to the short irons, producing shots that fly high and land softly even with the long irons. They are very workable, I felt I had great control over the ball and was able to easily move it both ways. Distance control was also good, as they promote a consistent shot from club to club.

Overall, the feel of these irons is truly exceptional, and the stability and forgiveness are outstanding.



The Vapor Pro Combos feature a thin topline and classic iron profile at address. The toplines are slightly thicker than the Vapor Pros (which are blade-style irons), but thinner than the Vapor Speeds (which are game improvement irons). A slight offset (progressive through the set) gives a feeling of confidence, and you can’t see any of the RZN pocket cavity in the long irons or the muscle cavity in the short irons at address. These irons have the true look of a players iron when you’re over the ball.



The Vapor Pro Combos are extremely workable, and it’s easy to shape the ball right or left throughout the set. The high ball flight allows you to land the ball softly from a variety of distances. I have good control of the ball with these irons, and with a solid downward strike I can spin the ball when I need to.



The Vapor Pro Combo irons promote a high ball flight throughout the set. Whether I’m using a short, middle or long iron, I am able to consistently produce shots that fly high and land softly.



Distance control was exceptional with the Vapor Pro Combos. I was able to rely on distance being consistent from shot to shot and from club to club. The high ball flight also added to distance control, as I was able to land the ball softly and consistently.



I feel I can be very accurate with these irons, especially the short irons. I feel very confident when playing the Vapor Pro Combos, and confidence inspires performance. Whether I have a 5-iron or a pitching wedge in hand, I feel I can stop the ball close to the pin.



These irons have terrific feel, very solid on shots that are struck near the center of the face. The RZN insert in the 4-7 irons really dampens vibration and absorbs impact, for a butter-soft feel when you strike the ball. The 8-AW have an especially pure feel, very smooth with great feedback on approach shots to the green.



The Vapor Pro Combos combine feel and forgiveness for players of varying abilities, from the advanced player to the mid-handicapper. They produce a great shot from a solid strike while still giving a decent result from a less than ideal swing. The combination of the Modern Muscle design, the RZN insert, enhanced perimeter weighting and a beveled leading edge to prevent digging, all result in great forgiveness without sacrificing feel.



The Vapor Pro Combo irons have solid acoustics, that great sound you expect from a player’s iron when the ball leaves the middle of the club face.



The Vapor Pro Combo irons are another amazing iron design from Nike Golf. Nike’s new Modern Muscle technology is a new take on the muscle-back iron, contemporary in its design while still retaining a classic look at address. These irons have outstanding feel and give great feedback, and the introduction of RZN into the cavity of the 4-7 iron gives a boost in performance and forgiveness, which both better players and mid-handicappers will benefit from. If you’re looking for a new set of irons that have a great look at address, have tremendous feel at impact, and will give your mis-hits a pretty decent result (in both distance and direction), the Vapor Pro Combo irons may be just what you’re looking for.

Have you tried the Vapor Pro Combos yet? If you have, let us know what you think in the comments below.





Editor’s note: The product reviewed above was supplied by the manufacturer to the reviewer/author free of charge for reviewing purposes only. The reviewer/author was not paid for this review, and the opinions expressed in the review are strictly those of the reviewer/author.



Nike Vapor Air Hybrid Carry Bag Now Available on

Have you ever wanted to use the Tour staff bags but deemed that impractical because a) you’re not a Tour player and b) the bag is heavy and bulky?

I’ve felt this way dating back almost a decade and Nike has finally come out with a good balance between Tour looks and weekender functionality.

The Nike Air Hybrid Carry Bag with Vapor detailing is a great carry/stand bag that possesses design elements of the Vapor Staff Bag. It’s bigger than my Vapor X stand bag which is light and functional, but rather tight, since I often find my gear busting out of it with what I carry (rain pants, gloves, water bottle, etc.).

The Nike Air Hybrid Carry Golf Bag is lightweight but it is also very accommodating. It has a bigger oval top than the Vapor X stand bag, and it has a 14-way, full-length divider system which I really like. If you’re like me, I think the Air Hybrid Carry Bag will be the perfect bag for your Vapor clubs. The bag is now available at HERE

Here’s a side by side comparison:



  • Removable straps let you carry your bag or put it on a cart
  • 14-way, full-length divider system with putter well keeps clubs organized
  • Nike EquaFlex Max Air™ curved revolving double-strap system gives you versatile carrying options
  • Ventilated mesh back pad creates breathable comfort
  • Nike Strap-Thru system allows easy access to apparel and valuables pockets
  • Pockets for valuables, apparel, gloves, refreshments, and multiple accessories deliver specialized storage

Product Details

  • 9.5″ oval top
  • Custom grip leg end-caps and cart-friendly base offer stability
  • Integrated tee holder, towel ring, pen/pencil sleeves and VELCRO® brand fastener glove patch
  • Matching rain hood included
  • Materials: 65% polyester/35% nylon
  • Imported

Kevin Tway’s New Method Converge Putter

Nike Golf athlete Kevin Tway posted a photo of a new putter he is trying out for 2015. This one is part of the Method Converge line and is named the S2-12. Despite its “winged” look, the S2-12 has many innovative features including a RZN Groove insert, a “Return to Square” (RTS) system, a T-shaped alignment aid, and adjustable head weights.


Source: @KevinTway


Nike Vapor Air Hybrid Bag and True Vapor Hat Now Available

Vapor Air Hybrid Bag

Back in September, I posted about some of my favorite golf bags that were going to come out in 2015 and since then I have received a number of inquiries about where to get the Vapor Air Hybrid Carry bag.

Interested buyers can now get more information on the bag and order it from Discount Golf World.

“The Vapor Air Hybrid carry bag is a new addition to the 2015 collection. This stand bag is equipped with a hybrid walk-or-ride design so you can conveniently tote your gear through the course however you choose. 14 full-length dividers help keep your clubs organized and protected while 12 functional pockets (8 of which are zippered) provide easy access and storage for all of your personal items and accessories. The Nike EquaFlex Max Air™ curved revolving double strap system provides proper support if you decide to haul your belongings between strokes or, with its cart-friendly base, simply click it into place and let wheels do the work for you.”

vapor air hybrid carry









True Vapor Hat

When I was at the Vapor irons launch in August I had tweeted that Rory and Tiger were wearing new Vapor hats that did not have the swoosh up front. These hats generated a lot of positive responses and they are now available on in both the black version and the white version. Charl Schwartzel and other Nike staffers have already been seen on Tour wearing this hat.

true vapor hat true vapor white hat

Ken Griffey Jr.’s Vapor Irons

Baseball standout Ken Griffey Jr. is at this week’s Waste Management Open where he was seen in metallic silver TW15s. But earlier this month, “The Kid” was at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando where we got to see a glimpse of his new Swingman Vapors.

NGNation reader Jeff Moon was able to capture the shot, which shows Griffey’s Vapor Pro irons and his Swingman insignia engraving.


This isn’t the first time that Griffey has had custom clubs made for him. In 2011, we reported two versions of his Swingman woods that had his logo on the face of the clubs.