PRODUCT REVIEW: Nike Golf VR_S Covert Tour Driver

Nike VR_S Covert Tour Review


As a 12-handicap whose main objective is to just hit the ball straight and into the fairway, I know very well that the Covert Tour driver is probably not best suited for a player of my skill level. And yes, I have read other reviews that have claimed that golfers will probably gravitate to the Covert Tour over the Covert Performance because of its sleek black face and black accents, and I can admit – it did have an impact on me. But after hitting both, I can confidently say that if you can come close to hitting the ball consistently on the sweet spot then the Covert Tour can work for you. In this review, I’m sharing my experience with the Covert Tour, which was obtained from Global Golf (now on sale for $339.95).

Club Details:

Club: Nike Golf VR_S Covert Tour
Dexterity: Right
Head: 430cc (460cc on the Performance version)
Loft: Set to 10.5 degrees (adjustable between 8.5 and 12.5 in 1 degree increments)
Angle: Set to left (closed)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver 60 Graphite Stiff

Initial Reaction:

Immediately out of the box, I really felt that the Covert Tour was a big improvement from previous Nike drivers. With its shiny, red paint finish – it’s first return to using color since the CPR hybrids – the Covert Tour made me feel like Nike finally had a product that was unique and innovative, and on the level of some of the more popular drivers in the market.

The color contrast was the most interesting feature of the bat because in comparison to my Nike SQ Dymo, which has a matte black finish, the Covert Tour with its red crown and menacing black face looked like a sports car. Just look at the shine on that crown. Note that I snapped that picture when testing out the Covert Performance, but the crown finish is the exact same on both models.

6-30-2013 4-17-32 PM

Then you turn the club over and a giant chunk is missing from it. The first driver ever to use a deep cavity in this manner, the club can actually hold a golf ball in its cavity – that’s how deep it is.


The last feature that really sticks out on the Covert Tour is the head size. A few years ago, Nike set the gearhead world ablaze with its limited edition SQ Dymo 380 that was used by Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim, among other Nike athletes. And now with the Tour version at 430cc, Nike can offer players who prefer a smaller head at address an option that doesn’t max out on the 460cc limits.

To be honest, the Tour head doesn’t look that small until you compare it to the 460cc driver…but then it does actually look like a 3 wood. As you can see, same finish, just slightly smaller with the Tour version – meaning you better bring your “A-game” when using this at the course because you do not want to mishit it on the smaller Tour head.


To make a further comparison, here’s the Covert Tour next to the 420cc TaylorMade R9:

image 11

Unlike NGN Damian, I like to hear a classic sound from my driver. And really, I’ve been lacking that from my previous drivers – Nike and otherwise. When I read that the Covert series was going to deliver a more traditional sound, I was really excited. It’s hard to describe the sound it makes, but it is not really a ting, or a thud, but just a response that makes you feel like you’re hitting a performance driver. The Covert Tour sounded extra good when contact was made right on the sweet spot.

By The Numbers
I tested the Covert Tour and the Covert Performance, and I hit most of my drives off line to the right, which caused me to change the set up to closed. I should add that the FlexLoft system is very easy. In fact, with no instruction, I had to show the technician at Golfsmith how to change the lofts and lie – it’s that intuitive.

Now, I am not really a shaper of the golf ball. I traditionally hit a straight or a slight fade and my misses go about 20-30 yards off line to the right. But what I can tell you is that if you really wanted to “turn over” your driver, it appeared much easier to do this with the Covert Tour than the Covert Performance.

What the technician and I noticed was that everything was pretty much the same but I was getting less spin from the Covert Tour and based off of my 5 drives with each, just slightly more distance with the tour. He did recommend that the Performance driver was probably better for me given the forgiveness of the bigger head and how over time it would save me some strokes given my handicap, but admittedly, I just like the way the Tour Driver looks.

6-29-2013 10-38-06 PM

When I finally took it on the course I was shocked at how much more distance I’m getting than my Dymo. I’m still working on finding that consistent groove and in my handful of rounds so far I’ve seen misses both left and right, instead of just right, so I will have to work on my swing more. But so far the average total distance I’ve experienced is greater than what Golfsmith’s machine showed me.

As for the other numbers, I don’t know what Azimuth is, or how descent angle affected my swings, but I know that both drivers were pleasant to the eye at address, both provided a sound I think most golfers will appreciate, and both delivered on performance. The only drawback was that I was not coming around in sync and a lot of my drives were pushed right. I’ve worked out some of the kinks on course and most of my playing partners have commented about the distance I’ve gained from last year. A couple of them who tried out my Covert Tour are thinking about converting already.

Bottom line:

The Covert Tour is a players driver and will command all your skill for the best results. Based on my experience with a history of Nike drivers, I can confidently say that the Covert line is a dramatic improvement and belongs in the upper echelon of drivers in the marketplace.

Added Bonus:

The headcover glows in the dark when you have a camera flash on it.  Pretty cool little trick!


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Editor’s note: The product reviewed above was supplied by Global Golf to the reviewer/author free of charge for reviewing purposes only. The opinions expressed in the review are strictly those of the reviewer/author. This post is sponsored by Global Golf.


VR_S Covert Tour Driver Product Review and Comparison

To preface this review, I’m not a great golfer by any means.  I’m a 14-handicap, I hit 50% of my fairways and I’m not playing in any tournaments with any hopes of winning. I love the game, I love my clubs and I don’t necessarily care how long I hit the ball. I care about making solid, consistent shots that give me opportunities to score.

My last two drivers were the Nike VR Tour driver and he Nike VR_S. I’ve enjoyed both of these drivers, especially the VR_S. This driver just seemed to bomb and I hit more fairways with it, so I wasn’t really in the market for a new driver. However, this new VR_S Covert was something I couldn’t wait to try out.

This isn’t your typical in-depth technical review, as it serves more as a comparison to the other drivers.

The switch to a VR_S Covert Tour seemed somewhat daunting. I mean, I’m just a regular dude who likes to golf, so why am I bagging Rory McIlroy’s driver?

Let’s find out, as I make some comparisons to the 2012 Nike VR_S Driver and 2013 VR_S Covert Performance driver.

Plain and simple, this is the sexiest golf club I have ever laid my eyes on. I believe the Covert Performance leaves something to be desired, but the Covert Tour reminds me of a Porsche. This thing is sleek, sexy, and built for speed.

Here were my first looks at this beautiful baby:





The volume of these driver heads is something to note. My colleague, Alan, said that the VR_S covert looks like a 3 wood. The original VR_S was a 460cc driver. The VR_S Covert Performance is 460cc. The VR_S Covert Tour is 430cc.

Take a look at the pics below for comparisons. The first pic shows the VR_S vs. the Covert Tour. The second pic shows the Covert Tour (left) vs the Covert Performance (right).





I’m not a big sound guy. I think the VR_S sounds great when you hit it pure, but admittedly, the VR_S  Covert Tour even sounds better than the VR_S Covert Performance. It’s a different sound and maybe that’s a good thing. When you hit it pure, it’s like a pop that you feel in your ears. It’s like you’ve gone deaf for a second because you hit the ball SUPER FAR AND AWESOME.

By The Numbers
I wanted to get a fair comparison of this VR_S Covert to my original VR_S. I even threw in some results from the VR_S Covert Performance. Here was my process for comparing these drivers:

  • warmup
  • 5 drives VR_S
  • 5 drives Covert Tour
  • 5 drives Covert Perf
  • 5 drives VR_S
  • 5 drives Covert Tour
  • 5 drives Covert Perf
Driver Comparison

These numbers speak for themselves, in my mind.

I couldn’t have doctored these numbered if I tried.

That’s it. This review is basically over. These drives were pure, sounded great and felt like butter, baby.

Higher clubhead speed, higher ball speed, less spin, more distance. That’s about as definitive as you can get.

Buy the VR_S Covert Tour Driver at >>

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Visit the VR_S Covert microsite on >>

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Watch the “No Cup is Safe” Driver TV Spot with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy >>

Editor’s note: The product reviewed above was supplied by Global Golf to the reviewer/author free of charge for reviewing purposes only. The opinions expressed in the review are strictly those of the reviewer/author.

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Global Golf.


Back in February I had the opportunity to test and review the new 2012 Nike Golf VR_S Driver, you can read my full review here. I did my initial range testing at Stonecreek Golf Club in Phoenix, and I shot a short video review of the VR_S Driver while I was there doing my testing. That video is now posted on the NG Nation YouTube channel, and you can view it at this link. If you’ve tried the Nike VR_S Driver, let me know what you think of it in a comment below.



My VR_S Speed Trial Results

I’ve had the VR_S driver, 3-wood, 4-hybrid and irons in my bag for about three months now, and I’m sold on the technology in this new line of equipment. I’ve completed my testing, the driver review is up on the blog, and the other three are soon to follow. Last Saturday I headed to Golfsmith down in Chandler, Arizona to take an official Nike Golf VR_S Speed Trial, and I want to share the results of my Speed Trial here with you.

When I arrived at Golfsmith, there were two gentlemen ahead of me, so I had to wait a bit to get my Speed Trial underway. When it was my turn, I was greeted by Nike reps Jeff and Adam, Jeff checked me in and I was ready to go. I had brought my SQ MachSpeed Black Driver, SQ Sumo (SQ2) 3-wood and SQ Sumo hybrid with me to test against, the same three clubs I used in my range and on-course testing. I started with the driver, taking three swings with my SQ MachSpeed Black, and then three swings with the VR_S. Even though the MachSpeed Black is last year’s model, there was  big difference in the results — I gained an average of 12 yards between the three swings. This echoed what I had experienced in my range testing, where I was getting gains between 10 and 15 yards.

Next was the fairway wood test — I started with three swings with my SQ2 3-wood, followed by three swings with the VR_S 3-wood. The results here surprised me a little, as in this test I actually hit my SQ2 3-wood an average of three yards farther than the VR_S 3-wood. This is not what I experienced on the range, where I was hitting the VR_S 3-wood around 10 yards on average farther than the SQ2. But the official result in my Speed Trial was -3 yards.

Last was the hybrid test, three swings with the SQ2 and three swings with the VR_S. This club is the one I experienced the most difference with, both on the range and in my Speed Trial. In the Speed Trial I had an average distance gain of 13.5 yards. In my range testing I was averaging around 15 yards gained, but on some swings I was getting upwards of 20 yards and more extra distance. From what I’ve heard on Twitter other players are also seeing big dance gains with the VR_S hybrid. We’ll have to see what Chris Wang, the winner of our Fantasy Four first half season prize of a VR_S hybrid, sees as far as a distance gain.

I was really glad I went to take an official Speed Trial, because I not only found out the difference in distance between my old SQ woods and hybrid and the new VR_S, but I was able to see the difference in spin rates and other info that was collected from my test swings. Adam took some extra time and explained to me what some of these numbers meant and what numbers indicate a good swing.

I highly recommend taking a Speed trial for yourself, they are going on through May 13th. If you can’t make it to an official Speed Trial event, you can also go to your local golf retailer and test the VR_S for yourself. If you’ve tried the VR_S line, let us know in the comments below what your results were as far as the difference in distance you’ve seen from your old clubs.

A big thanks to Adam and Jeff for taking me through the Speed Trial, and I’m now entered in the Golfsmith contest to win a round of golf with Tiger Woods, wish me luck!

Product Review: 2012 Nike Golf VR_S Driver

It’s no secret, Nike Golf is making a huge splash this year with its VR_S family of woods, hybrids and irons, and it’s been well documented here on NG Nation. From the VR_S launch event at the PGA Merchandise Show in January, to the Speed Trials that are going on through May 13th (which I will be officially taking in the next week or two), Nike Golf is getting the word out about this amazing new line of equipment.

Just after the February 3rd release date, Nike Golf sent me one of the new VR_S Drivers in 9.5-degree loft with a stiff shaft to test and review. Since then I’ve been gaming it in every round I’ve played, and have hit it many times on the range, so I can give you a good idea how this driver has performed for me. I share the results of my testing with you here.

My first impression of the looks of the VR_S driver was that this is a really well designed game improvement driver. From the playing position the crown is deep, giving the driver a big footprint, but not an excessive one. It’s deeper than the VR Pro LE, but still retains some of the pear shape of a player’s driver. The STR8-FIT collar is much more integrated into the hosel than the previous iteration in the SQ MachSpeed Black driver, and does not draw attention from the playing position. The crown has a metallic dark gray paint finish with a subtle design pattern that mimics the design motifs found in the VR_S irons. From the playing position this is a great looking driver.

The face has a large hitting area, and has the new NexCOR icon in the center. The sole incorporates several design elements from its predecessor the SQ MachSpeed Black, including the diffuser plate and the aerodynamic channel around the back of the crown. A new addition to the sole is the new configuration of the STR8-FIT adjustability system, which is now accessed through an opening in the sole near the neck of the club. The VR_S has a different wrench than previous STR8-FIT models, which is easy to use and loosens a nut inside the head that releases the shaft from the head. The stock shaft is a Mitsubishi Fubuki, and the grip is a Nike VR Tour Velvet from Golf Pride. The headcover features the same configuration as the SQ MachSpeed Black’s, with elastic just under the head and a magnetic closure at the bottom that closes around the shaft (one of the better headcover designs I’ve seen), with foam on the sides and vinyl VR_S graphics on the back.

All in all the VR_S driver is a good looking game improvement driver that does not stray too far away from the look of a players driver — less so in my opinion than some of the other game improvement drivers on the market today,

From the first swings on the range, to my first rounds on the course and every round since, this driver is long — really long. Using a launch monitor on the range I was hitting the ball an average of 10-15 yards extra total distance (8-12 yards carry distance), and I gained 4-5 mph average in ball speed in comparison with the driver I was testing it against, the SQ MachSpeed Black. The NexCOR face technology really delivers — the ball simply rockets off the face of the club. The face is designed to be forgiving towards the heel and toe, as that’s where mid to high handicappers tend to miss (rather than the top or bottom of the face). I noticed that mis-hits, most predominantly out towards the toe for me, went just as far as shots hit in the center of the face.

Like the MachSpeed Black, the diffuser plate in the sole and the aerodynamic channel at the back of the crown help reduce drag on the downswing, helping to increase clubhead speed. This combined with the NexCOR face technology helped me gain distance on most of my drives. The new configuration of the STR8-FIT adjustability system makes it easy to change the club face to any of the 8 available positions, allowing the player to quickly set the club to favor a fade or draw.

The bottom line for this driver is speed — its design promotes an increase in clubhead speed, and for me that equaled a significant increase in distance.

As mentioned above, this is my main reason for gaming this driver. Gaining an average of 10-15 yards extra total distance (8-12 yards carry distance), and 4-5 mph average in ball speed has been enough of a reason for me to keep this driver in my bag since first testing it.

My driving accuracy has also improved with the VR_S driver, mainly because I feel like I can swing smoothly (and not overswing) and still get great distance with this club. There’s nothing like the feeling of hitting it long (relatively in my case) and being the only one in my foursome to hit the fairway.

The STR8-FIT adjustability system lets me adjust the face angle to be open or closed, flat or upright, in any one of 8 different positions. The system lets me set the club up quickly and easily to promote a fade or a draw, helping me to create a particular shot shape, or help prevent a slice or hook. This makes the VR_S driver not only long, but great for shaping shots too.

The NexCOR face technology in the VR_S driver makes this club extra forgiving. With the sweet spot extended towards the heel and toe (where most mid to high handicappers miss on the face), mis-hits go just as far as shots struck in the center of the face. This forgiveness inspires confidence, and for me confidence results in better golf swings.

The VR_S driver has great acoustics — it has a pleasingly solid sound when striking the ball. It has just the slightest hint of a “plink”, which is very minor and by no means distracting. Some of the other game improvement drivers I’ve hit have that hollow, tinny, aluminum sound — the VR_S sound is much more solid than that.

The VR_S driver is a great looking game improvement driver that hits the ball a long way. I experienced total distance gains of 10-15 yards on average, and that was enough to make it my gamer to this day. It sounds great, and the STR8-FIT adjustability system allows me to set the club to promote a fade or draw and help me shape shots when I want to. If you’re looking for a new driver that will help you hit the ball farther, I highly recommend you check out one of Nike Golf’s Speed Trial events at your local golf retailer to see how much distance you gain over your current driver. I’m sold on the VR_S driver, and if you try it for yourself I think you will be too.

Read Nike Golf’s press release about the VR_S Driver and Fairway Wood >>

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Editor’s note: The product reviewed above was supplied by the manufacturer to the reviewer/author free of charge for reviewing purposes only. The reviewer/author was not paid for this review, and the opinions expressed in the review are strictly those of the reviewer/author.

Nike Golf Speed Trials Begin March 31st

Nike Golf Shifts into Full Throttle with its Speed Trials Campaign for Consumers

Consumers can take the head-to-head distance challenge and experience the new Nike VR_S line of clubs-

In one of the most robust consumer trial programs Nike Golf has ever introduced, the company is conducting Speed Trials at hundreds of golf courses and retailers across the country. Throughout the season, Nike Speed Trials will offer consumers the opportunity to experience Nike’s fastest lineup ever: the VR_S club line.

Nike Speed Trials will allow consumers to compare the speed and distance of clubs in their current bag, as well as other demo clubs, to the new Nike VR_S products on a launch monitor. With participants’ accumulative distance tallied and recorded on a national leaderboard, individuals can see their results featured on

“The Speed Trial program is the most aggressive consumer trial campaign in the history of Nike Golf,” said Cindy Davis, President, Nike Golf.  “Our VR_S club line is the new face of speed – our fastest family ever.  That simply means massive distance gains. We’re saying to the golfer, we have such confidence in this technology that we invite you to experience how it performs against your current clubs and other products.”

Beginning on Saturday, March 31st in the U.S., consumers will be able to participate in Nike Golf’s Speed Trials at five key retailers including, Golfsmith, Golf Town, Golf Galaxy, PGA Superstore and Worldwide Golf Shops. There will be various major sweepstakes at each of these locations and participating consumers will also receive a 20XI two-ball pack, while supplies last. Similar Speed Trial events are already taking place at other key regional and green grass account partners across the country.

The VR_S family includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. The award-winning VR_S driver and fairway woods feature NexCOR variable face-thickness technology for more speed at impact and greater distance.

Generating more distance for every shot, the Nike VR_S is an extension of the original VR line, which has more than 85 worldwide professional wins including three major championships.

To find a location nearest you, visit the Speed Trials section on

To learn more about Speed Trials go to:

Editor’s Note: The post above is from a press release from Nike Golf.

Nike Golf at Golf Fest Phoenix

I headed out to Golf Fest Phoenix yesterday, which was held at Longbow Golf Club out in Mesa, Arizona. It was a beautiful day, and Nike Golf was there in full force with many people stopping by the booth and trying out the new VR_S equipment line while I was there. I was also able to reconnect with Phoenix area Nike Golf reps Gordie and Frank, who I had met 3 years ago at a demo day at Desert Mountain Golf Club, but hadn’t seen since.

The full VR Pro and VR_S equipment lines were on display, and many people were checking out the new VR Pro LE driver, fairway woods and VR Pro irons, as well as the full VR_S equipment line. I overheard some comments from people who were impressed by the distance they were getting with the new VR_S driver, and Gordie gave me some more info about the NexCOR face technology that is making these distance gains possible. The sweet spot has been expanded from the middle of the face into more of a figure-8 shape (like the NexCOR icon design in the middle of the face), so mis-hits toward the toe and heel are getting just about as much distance as a shot hit in the center of the face. And I think this is what people are noticing, the distance they are getting from most of their shots — mis-hits as well as shots hit in the center of the face. I’ll be testing the VR_S driver next week, with my review to follow soon after, and I’ll let you know if I experience the same thing.

Golf Fest continues today out at Longbow, and if you’re in the area head on out and stop by the Nike booth and check out the new VR_S line for yourself. And if you do, tell Gordie and Frank I sent you.

FIRST LOOK PICS: Nike Golf VR_S Driver

Last week a few boxes arrived from Nike Golf, and in one of them was the new VR_S driver which they sent to me to test and review. I’ll be doing that in the next few weeks, but in the meantime I wanted to get some first-look pics up on the site. My first impression of the VR_S driver? It’s one sweet looking club that looks to incorporate the best features of the MachSpeed Black, a larger face with the new NexCOR face technology, and a reconfigured 8-way STR8-FIT adjustability system. I’m really looking forward to testing this club to see how it performs on the course, but for now I hope you enjoy the pics!

Nike Golf VR_S Driver and Fairway Wood Available Today

New VR_S Driver Leads Nike Golf’s Fastest Family Ever

-Massive distance gain begins on the tee and builds through the entire bag-

Nike Golf, the industry’s emerging leader in R&D, has shaped the new face of speed with the introduction of its award-winning VR_S driver and VR_S fairway woods, available to consumers starting today.  These ultra fast, distance-generating woods combine with the new VR_S irons to make up Nike Golf’s fastest ever family of clubs.  The VR_S family is an extension of Nike Golf’s Tour-proven VR franchise, which, since its 2008 introduction, has been the weapon of choice for more than 85 worldwide Tour wins, including three major titles.

The Nike VR_S driver and fairway woods feature NexCOR variable face-thickness technology, for more speed at impact and greater distance.  NexCOR maximizes distance for the widest range of players through a new speed-expanding multi-thickness face design.  The NexCOR infinity design creates a bridge for ultra-thin, ultra-hot faces and unmatched ball speed from every club in the bag.

“When golfers are seeking extra distance, they immediately think about the driver,” said Tom Stites, Director of Product Creation for Nike Golf.  “The amazing speed of Nike Golf’s new VR_S driver more than delivers on that promise.  However, the beauty of the entire VR_S family is that the new fairway woods are also fast and long, as are the irons and the hybrids.  The cumulative result is that every club in the bag is going to get you to the green more quickly — and that means less strokes.”

Nike engineers conducted impact studies and were able to map where consumers hit the ball on the face at impact on every club.  Based on those results, the location of the NexCOR technology through the entire family of VR_S drivers, fairway woods, irons and hybrids adapt from club to club.  The result is the fastest, hottest and longest family of golf clubs that Nike Golf has ever produced.

With a bigger club head and a deeper face, the new VR_S driver’s ultra fast speed is accentuated by greater swing velocity generated through its aerodynamically engineered head design and longer, lighter 45.75 inch Fubuki shaft.  The driver also incorporates the new Nike STR8-Fit system, which offers a 4-degree range of face angle adjustability, optimizing ball speed, distance and accuracy.

Aerodynamic design also combines with NexCOR technology for accelerated speed off the face and more distance off the fairway in the new 3, 4, 5 and 7 VR_S fairways woods.  Also, L-Face technology positions the weld on the sole to allow for an expanded maximum COR zone from the middle to lower on the face, where the majority of fairway shots are struck.

Starting in March through May 2012, Nike Golf will be conducting VR_S Speed Trials at hundreds of participating golf retail shops and golf courses across the country. Nike’s VR_S Speed Trials will allow consumers to compare the speed of what’s in their current bag to the new Nike VR_S products on a launch monitor. Their accumulative distance will be tallied and recorded on a national leaderboard that will be featured on For a list of golf shops participating, go to


VR_S Driver

Availability: February 3, 2012



8.5, 9.5 (RH/LH), 10.5 (RH/LH), 11.5, HL;

Nike Fubuki: X, S, R, A;

Street Price: $299.99



VR_S Fairway Woods

Availability: February 3, 2012


3W-15° (RH/LH), 4W-17°, 5W-19° (RH/LH), 7W-21°;

Nike Fubuki K FW: X, S, R, A;

Street Price: $199.99

New Nike Golf VR_S TV Commercial

Today Nike Golf Tweeted out a link to their latest TV commercial on their YouTube channel. The 30-second spot titled “VR_S Approach” is the first ad we’ll see about the new VR_S family of woods, hybrids and irons. I hope they do a series of TV ads, I love the style of the ads in the VR_S print, digital and TV campaign I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see the next ad — in the meantime, check out this first TV spot on YouTube: